Thursday, October 15, 2009

In between the worlds..

Visited mum today.
Couldnt stay there long....even though it's a really nice place, it was just hard for me to be there today.
Maybe because I knew mum's house has now sold and it no longer belonged to her.
I was hoping she would not ask me about it - she did not.
Maybe because she asked whether my dad had gone grey and she was waiting to see him.
Maybe because she did not know who my mother in law was ( who came with me ).
Maybe because she "dissappeared" between sentances to somewhere else..
But...she looked good.
healthy, happy somewhat..
maybe the word is content? not to have to think to hard?
We got there at an odd time and we were interrupted by lunch which is a highlight of the by the time she had finished she had forgotten that we were there..
must remember to go early and leave before lunch next time..
crazy dreams last night...leftovers from my seminar?
or additions?


Cyndy said...

Hi Renata. Your mum seems happy in her world. And that's all you can ask for. Not many people can move comfortably into another person's world: it's a rare visitor that can spend any extended period of time with someone living with dementia: it's just too hard to be with someone who seems to be a shadow of the person that they loved: there in the physical, the shape is there, but not.....

Your future visiting plan seems like a good idea. You can only try. Your mum probably won't remember details anyway.

love to you xoxo

Lisa said...

i have my very own theories about dementia and its associated ilnesses connected to the soul- she is progressing, i am ahppy to share with you ofcourse xx