Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Its not the dead people that worry me...really

It's the live ones that we really really need to worry about.....they are the freaky ones!!!
The dead...bless their souls, have had their time and only their energies float about whether I do anything or not.
Believe me....I protect!
My whole YAAD lesson last night was drumming protection into people .....
First rule of life!
Protect thyself from the creepies that are out there...
Some people make the most repulsive energies with their hatred and their anger and their greed.....far, far, far more yukky..and they dont even know that they are effecting so many people around them.


Michelle said...

Well, yeah....like attracts like :)

I am so irreverent someone should really haunt me!

wykd wytch said...

Are you implying that I am creepy in some way...maybe..at all...in any way shape or form....w.w.

Wendy said...

Oh, my wordy-lordy-yes did you drum that into us last night! It was a great lesson and I'm looking forward to more of the astral projection meditations. I hope you have a wonderful week!