Monday, October 26, 2009

Selling paintings..

Good news!
In the last month I have actually sold four paintings!
Sold my last one at an exhibition on the weekend.
I have only been paid for one though - apparently we cannot rush these things and cheques need to be made out etc....

weird dream the night before last house was being invaded by strangers that I couold not get rid of.Every time I tried to call for ring a mobile to get the Police to remove these people, the phones would not work.
I would push them out of one room to just find them congregating in another.
I was rather freaked out by all of this and awake with a blazing headache and a feeling totally exhausted.


Lisa said...

congrats on well deserved sales- that should lighten your mood considerably.

Also, i worry about you doing ghost walks/tours etc when you have been feeling so low- the spirit world looks for people feeling low to torment.maybe this explains your weird assed dream.........

Jade E. Henderson said...

Congrats mate that is awesome news *hug*

Wendy said...

Yay re: sales!

Did the metaphor of the house being your sense of self have any resonance?

Michelle said...

Yes, the ghosties have me concerned too. Make sure you white light your house and self!

Congratulations on the sales :) Feels good huh!


WhimsiGals said...

Congratulations on you Artwork Sales!!!