Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween? No it's not!

I even went and got a huge packet of lollies to hand out to the little gremlins when they knocked on the door tonight...and we only got one knock!
Three little gouls with their goodies bags open to I threw them all a handful and told them to have fun.
And then that was it..all over red rover.
Tomorrow is my last day at Greenhills.
Feeling a bit flat and tired and also suffering from belly ache since having chips from the local take away yesterday.
Am working on a new painting, even though I said to myself that I would not push doing another one this month, even year....but I got slightly inspired and am really fiddling.Maybe I will pull it off.
Gosh I need some descent sleep....
Happy Beltaine folks.

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Jewell said...

happy beltaine to you too