Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby Girl's winning entry

The Sorting Hat’s New Song.
Unsurity and danger lurks at every door
Waiting to pull you in.
The apple of society splintered at the core
And rotting at the skin.
Authorities are wavering
The ministry is slavering
To keep our world safe
From the Dark Lord’s wraith.
What would our brave founders do in our place?
Would they, for one second, let the confusion out-pace?
Gryffindor, bold and noble in his stride
Hufflepuff, working hard not to be pushed aside
Ravenclaw, thinking of ways, planning to overcome
Slytherin, slipping around till the final deed was done.
And so, as our brave founders would
We do as we always should.
We keep our chins high,
And calm our racing heart;
For with the Deathly Hallows nigh,
Hysteria might rip you apart!
Consider these warnings,
And be careful and brave,
Now let’s start the sortings,
To get into the houses we crave.
Practise your magic
And feel inner power click,
For the Dark Lord doth call
To the ruin of us all.


Lisa said...

the kid is a FARKING advanced !

Cyndy said...

How old did you say she is????

I'm seconding Lisa's comment; that's amazing. What a clever girl ... just like her mum.

Artisitic, and a wordsmith......;0)

rainbowspirit said...

what they said!!!!!!!

Anchell said... out world!

Hippy Witch said...

Congratulations, that is fabulous. Who is a proud mum.

Yes I will be coming to the markets this week, but I have to leave early, one of the company's we work for are having a lunch for the contractors, we have to be there by 11am. I am going to ring you today because I miss you too.

Anonymous said...

all of the above except the markets trip our kids do make us proud at times congrats renata ...maureen

Kristy-Lee said...


That is excellent. I had to read it a couple of time to get it because I am a little slow and your daughter is way smarter than me.

Love it!~

Lisa said...

but ruby would have understood it- so advanced !

Kathleen said...

Wow! I have Goosebumps!