Saturday, July 28, 2007

Market Day

Yesterday “Rose Cottage” held it’s first Market Day.

We had many of our crafty ladies display their beautiful hand made items for sale while Leanne and myself did readings.

A day like this is only made special and successful because of the commitment of others - and I send out a big thankyou to the community members that gave of their time to come and support us with either their work or their money!

Bee had her fabulous bags for sale but also took care of kitchen duties. Diana sold her hand made creams and provided a yummy pasta bake for lunch. Kathleen showed us where her crafty talent comes from by bringing along her mum who had some stunning pieces on display. Eva brought some plants in for sale and graced us with her presence for much of the morning.Leanne did some readings and was bright and cheerful, as usual, and lit up the whole place with her energy.

We had cakes comming out of our ears, thanks to all that donated, and the cottage made some money from the purchase of coffee and cake!
I hope we introduced some people to the great energy of the Cottage and that they will be back for more.
Everyone that came, expressed the great feel of the place and our ladies certainly made them feel welcome.

Thank you all again -


Kathleen said...

Hip Hip Hooray!

Well Done everyone : )

rainbowspirit said...

Good for you!! well done!! I wish i could have come, but unfortunately needed to create some extra hours for yesterday with my magic wand just to get the essentials and appointments done. Damn.... oh well, i will be there next time with bells on!!

Rider-Waite said...

Wish I could get there! Just a tad too far to travel though... Maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Rider waite you are always day you just never know!Lucky