Tuesday, July 17, 2007


While at Greenhills last week, I noticed that the Centre was running a competition where if you drew a picture, wrote a story or poem about the new Harry Potter book, you had the chance of winning the first copy of the book and opening the first box to be distributed in the Centre book shop this Saturday 21st July 2007.

Well I came home and told baby girl and she went...ho um....well....I dunno...
Do it...I said.
For days this went on.
Come on write something, go on, you can win....I kept saying.
I wasn't letting up.
I knew she could win.

Well, I finally got my poem.

I went and put it in.

Today she got the call.

SHE WON!!!!!

So this Saturday at 8.45am Baby girl will be interviewed for the Maitland Mercury Newspaper and will be opening the first box of Harry Potter books and will be receiving the FIRST book out of the box.


Who loves her mother now???
I will post her winning entry tomorrow! (proud mother)


Cyndy said...

So cool that it's arctic! Wonderful job!! Looking forward to the poem!

Anchell said...

Most excellent...

rainbowspirit said...

OMG - what a cleverer girl... i am hanging to read that book!!!

Lisa said...

excellent little witch for sure........'who's your mummy ?"

Kathleen said...

Very Cool!!!

Kristy-Lee said...

Thats fantastic!

What a clever girl!