Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boobie Names(?) and officially F.A.T.

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Dixie and Daisy

Yes, folks sad but true - had an overall medical done over the past week and went to get the results today.
I am super fine accept.................that I am officially fat!
Yes, it's true...my BMI is 25. something and should only be 21 so I need to move lard off my arse.
But I knew that anyway, I have been steadily gaining weight over the past 6 months and dont know why?
(Maybe the lack of real exercise and meat pies and croissants has something to do with it but I fail to see see how).
So I have been put on a diet , sort of, from tomorrow ( not today, as I still have cake and assorted goodies in the fridge and pantry and, well....waste not want not!) and then I begin....
ohhhhhh...life will not be worth living.

Does any one want to start up shrinking witches again?
Cause if you do, I am there - even for a month or two??? Hmmm?????
I will need someone to hold my hand.
I cannot face the doctor in four weeks time without some progress.


Cyndy said...

If you think that you need to be fitter, then fine, Lucky. But the BMI is only really realistic if you a foot patrol soldier, or teenager. I haven't met an adult that it's a true indicator of yet. I'm not sure why doctors keep using it. I think it's a shock tactic, maybe.

BTW; I'm obese......

Anonymous said...

There is a limit to what I can do as I have a shitty neck and shoulder injury that prevents me from doing any vigous exercise unless I want to spend an hour exercising and three days on the couch with a heat pack.....but I neede a boot up the ample arse to get a wriggle on, so it's all a bit of a giggle but a few less kilos would be a good thing. Thanks Cindy!!!

Rider-Waite said...

I LOVE that Photo of the Save The Whale! And BMI is useless, it doesn't take into consideration genetics, metabolism etc. When I was 68kg and looked bloody terrible, I was still in the healthy weight range and BMI.For 6"1 my healthy weight range is 68-85kg. That's a bloody big difference!!

Anchell said...

Yes...you are NOT fat! snort mumble grunt! poo