Thursday, July 05, 2007

People! Get a grip!

Kmart had their toy sale on yesterday. It started at 12 midnight and went all night and all day...when I walked into Greenhills at 8am this morning I went and got a cup of coffee before I started work.
A woman dashed up needing a coffee quick - the staffer asked her why was she so out of breath, the woman said that she had been at Kmart all night long standing in queue to lay-by her toys and then she rushed in to Big W this morning to do exactly the same thing. Someone was minding her spot in the queue as it wound its way throughout the whole store and out the front door.....
Why do people go so crazy....?
I saw shopping trolley, after shopping trolley stacked to the top with toys being carted out of the centre all day long.
Where do people get all the money?
And do kids really need all those toys?
It's only July, I hope people will be able to pay off all those laybys before Christmas.

I walked up to my stand and uncovered an edge to place my bag on the table and put the float in the cash register - I "inadvertantly" exposed one book, yes, ONE BOOK and some crazy woman appeared from nowhere and started pawing at it.
The rest of the stand was totally covered. I was not open. I did not even look remotely open.
Yet this moron decided that one exposed book was fair game!!And she HAD to look at it.
I humpfed and spluttered at her, and gave her the evil eye, as if to say,"MOVE AWAY FROM THE TABLE BITCH"....and she did.


Anchell said...

AHHHHH..... CC nice!

Lisa said...

you have that ability to freeze water with a glare.......

Rider-Waite said...

You are funny..move away from the table bitch!! He He HE