Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Police....

We are heading to Sydney to go the the Police Concert tonight..
am very excited.
We will be staying overnight and then taking the baby's friend back to meet with her parents as they will be returning to Melbourne on Saturday.
Baby girl and friend have spent the last four days at the computer, with only small breaks to eat, sleep and go to the toilet.
I did try to do things that I thought would be of slight interest - like going to town and showing the girls some sites, but I was met with a silent indifference and I knew very quickly that it was just a waste of time.
I just thought that this young lady, it being her first time in Newcastle, might just want to have a small look around....but no, Graphic Action,Borders Bookshop and then back to the computer and Wii thank you very much...oh and dont bother us unless you call us for food..
Oh, I did manage to take them down to Warner's Bay to sample Dip n Dots Icecream. That seemed to put a momentary smile on their faces.....only momentary..
I have not had time to get my act together yet...feel very disjointed..maybe next week.


Jen said...

dip n dots, coloured polystyrene balls!! very strange stuff that and i am not sure that they have been cleared for human consumption.

are we still doing coffee on the weekend?

glad you are back, sorry i didnt come to group last night, i thought today was wednesday ...... school holidays can do that to you

Cyndy said...

Teenagers... hmmphhh!

I hope The Police were awesome!