Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stripping on a Sunday

Spent the morning stripping...
stripping calendars.
The process by which you remove the backs from all remaining stock so that you can get reimursed for them.This took several hours.They are now packed into boxes ready to be sent back to the company.
- now it is done and that is that.
There is no more.

Sleeping in today was brilliant!
Getting up and staying at home was even better.
It was quite a wierd experience really.
I felt that something was amiss?
Should I not be elsewhere?

At this point, I need to express my deep and sincere thankyou to all of you who have listened to me prattle on like a looney person over the past 14 weeks.
And special thanks to all that visited me and let me have a toilet break or at least entertained me for several minutes to break the monotony.
Even though, in the whole scheme of world progress, my small inconveniences have been actually just that, minor inconveniences, I have felt that the need to release hot air has been therapeutic and some of you have been kind enough to listen and to console, even though at most times, I know that I you probably did not give a rat's arse...
I am truly thankful.
Also to my ever suffering family - the man and the child and the grown up daughter for heaving when I asked to heave and for hoeing when I asked to hoe.
To the man for cooking, cleaning and sleeping next to little more than a corpse at night ( me )and to baby girl for seeing me so little that she nearly forgot who her mother was yet for still asking for hugs and kisses whenever she did see me passing by.

It is over for now, who knows what the new year will bring?

As much as it is a pain in the butt, it has paid many bills and secured our family finances for a few weeks to comes, so I must be truely thankful.

As I am to all of you for your support and lack of critical judgement..

Love youse guys...


Jewell said...

you are more than welcome...good to have you back in the land of the living

Cyndy said...

It would be good to sit back and wait t be informed of your next move, Enjoy some downtime. ;0)

Kathleen said...

Welcome back ... welcome back ... welcome back ; )