Sunday, January 27, 2008

What to do, what to do?

Everywhere I look, there is my shit scattered all over the house.
What do I do with all those bits of paper?
Am "de-calendarclubbing" the house.
Need to get a handle on it.

The man still has a few months before he goes back to work, so my intention is to make the most of this extra time together.
A few short trips away?
Getting the house under control?

I also need a makeover - is there a miracle worker out there?
Need to throw out my clothes,
Need to get a hair cut, colour, something....
Need to get rid of cottage cheese thighs...
Oh it's all too much...
Bugger it!


Jewell said...

take one step at a time...enjoy this you time and enjoy this you and Man time...wont be there long!!!

Anchell said...

Yes. One day at a time too

Cyndy said...

Ditto. Such wise women...

Mary me said...

i am wise too- come and have a healing !