Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Rockin' Night!

Well, the "Police" concert...what can I say...40,000 people..
It rocked!!!!!
Three old grey haired guys brought the place down.
Boy, can they still play - two hours and two encore's.Non stop - all brilliant.
We were in heaven.
Telstra Stadium was a great venue, it was so well organised. We stayed at Ryde and caught a "special event" bus to the stadium.
Fergie was one of the warm up acts ( the first one being Sting's son, who has a group of his own ) and she was fabulous. Anyone that can do somersaults and still sing without missing a note gets a tick of approval from me thats for sure.
She is so fit and such a professional performer - I have a new respect for her!

Then the Police - oh Lordy....

All our favorite songs, the crowd went crazy with plenty of oldies bopping away to Roxanne, Every breath you take,Da do do do etc...

We also saw Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban and Hugh Jackman and his wife, saunter through the crowd before the band started.
Nicole surprised me, she looks a lot different in "real life" than she does on TV or the movies, but Urban looks exactly the same. Hugh is smaller than we perceive him to be.If fact they all seem quite petite and small statured.

After the concert we walked out of the stadium and within two minutes we were back on a bus and heading home.

Today we spent the day at Darling Harbour having a late breakfast and a walk around and then we headed home only to be caught in the heavy holiday traffic heading out of the city.
Now we are back..

Have a Happy Australia day everyone!
We are having a big Australia Day breakfast with family.


crystal_faery said...

am absolutely jealous not into sting much but i do adore fergie ....maureen

Lisa said...

wow- that sounds so great ! and yes, i think we all need a makeover befroe we fall will balance again soon........( wont it ???????)

me xx

does nic look pregnant ?