Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another fun night with Gunther

Now, most of you have heard me speak about a creepy German, Gunther von Hagen, who has appeared on SBS with his show about anatomy - he has a very "special" way of teaching people about the body, by cutting up the bodies of dead people in front of a live audience and then taping it for TV. These shows have provided my family with weeks of entertainment in the past.

Well, he's back.

On Monday nights at 10.55pm on SBS, Gunther is hacking into more dead bodies to show us the effects of trauma caused by accidents.
Last Monday we saw the effects of swallowing a foreign object and the effects of injury to a main artery.

All went well.
Creepy as usual.

I could even take the naked man who appears on stage every so often to act as a "model" to show areas of the body, although I still can't seem to work out why he has to be totally naked to do this?

Baby girl's only comment was "why is his doodle crooked?"

It was when they bought out a whole frozen human body wrapped in something like gladwrap and then proceeded to saw it in half with a massive table saw that I thought my eyes would pop out of my head.

Seeing the body slide through and then be pulled apart so that we could then see the two sections took the experience of watching TV to another level.
For those brave enough to watch...he will be on for another two weeks..
Must see TV.


Myst_72 said...

It's an 'interesting' show - we have it on DVD - Big A put it on when his mother was here to freak her out - but of course she loved it and wanted to watch it all - his father freaked out though - so at least he got a reaction from someone!

And it's true - the model guy does 'lean to one side'!!!


Faerie said...

Yes! I love Gunther and I have his first DVD ... can't wait until this one is out too!

Love Creepy Stuff!

Cyndy said...

A miracle, to be sure!!!

Bee said...

im a bit late but that photo is just freeakn freaky

dusty said...

mmm I was once in love with a man with a crooked c**k.
I told him it had my name on it.