Monday, June 23, 2008

I got a Hobbit Car!!!

Well, we jumped off the deep end today and after weeks of researching and dealing with obnoxious arsehole car dealers who were " going to do me a big favour by selling me an overpriced car" we have settled on a brand new Hyundai Getz.
I am calling it the "Hobbit" car - it's small enough!
But it runs on the smell of an oily rag and I stand to save about $60 in petrol a week.( That $60 will now go to paying the car off )
It turned out to be a very good price - best price in town in fact and we went out to Rutherford Hyundai to order it.
We got 5 years warranty, full rego and insurance and dealer delivery.
We also got a "special numbered keyring" ( oohhh ahhhh ) and a box with "special" discount vouchers
( again...extended ooohhh ahhhh ).
The company also donated $100 from the sale to the charity of our choice, from a list of local charities that they support and we chose the RSPCA.

Unfortunately, I was originally going to get a red one cause that was the only one they said that they had left, then they called me to say that they sold that one yesterday and they now have to get one for me...but I get to keep the special super duper discount price ( gee thanks ).It will be a silver one ( it was that or yellow )
I have to wait till next week now before I can drive my new "Hobbit Mobile".....tomorrow we meet the bank manager!


Jewell said...

Hobbit car love it....we should all paint stuff on it that way no-one will miss you!!!

Anchell said...

They had a thing on the news last night about this car being the best around economically at the moment so ya did good!