Sunday, June 01, 2008

Speaking of Mary's....

Miracle needed to make McKillop a saint.
May 20, 2008 - 3:06PM

Mother Mary MacKillop is unlikely to be named Australia's first saint named during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Sydney in July.

Vatican officials say there are no plans to elevate the Catholic nun to sainthood during World Youth Day (WYD08), despite the Pope's scheduled visit to her tomb in North Sydney during the event.

Born in Victoria in 1842, Mary MacKillop co-founded the Sisters Of Joseph religious order.

She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in January 1995, but remains one documented miracle away from becoming Australia's first saint.

Beatification means someone is blessed and has performed a miracle, but a candidate must perform two miracles in order to be canonised and become a fully-fledged saint.

Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, Archbishop Guiseppe Lazzarotto, said it was unlikely a second miracle would be recognised in time for Mother Mary to be canonised in July.

What a wank....( thant's my comment )
She deserves to be made a saint...I wonder if we would have to wait for a second miracle if she had been a man???????


Lisa said...

i think we should adopt her as patron saint of our ashram- what say you oh wise one ?

Hippy Witch said...

I already think of her as a saint, so does my aunt, who is one of her nuns. I agree that it would have happened already if she was a man, after all she was a rebel in the church, they tried to get rid of her a few times during her life.

We could adopt her as our patron saint Lisa, I like a rebel.

Anonymous said...

good idea oh great avatar ( of which I am also one )....we can do a pilgramage to her buriel site which just so happens to be in Sydney and is quite beautiful....w.w.

Anonymous said...

Lets get this woman her sainthood...surely we can whip up a miracle or two if we really try?????w.w.

Cyndy said...

How does one whip up a miracle... one that is recognised as such... ???

Miracles happen everyday. Who cares what that crusty old bunch of men think.... their thoughts must be weighing heavily upon them.. what with all that gold and wealth and all.....

If people want her to be a saint, then she already is.

Anonymous said...

I agree Cyndy.w.w.