Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Hanny Fursery!

Happy Hanny Fursery to the lovely "Cottage" at Waratah.
Four years old and growing stronger every day.
We have had our ups and downs, ins and outs but you just have to be there to know that it is a very special place.
Last night at the Cottage we had our traditional mural painting with everyone bogging in to contribute to the masterpiece.
We all had loads of fun - but the cakes and biscuits have to stop.
I am nudging into hippo status and am worrying that I will not be able to fit behind the wheel of my new silver shit box sardine can hobbit car even before I get it!!!

Also we have our very spekky YAAD graduation this Saturday night.
I will be red. You will be red and so will everybody else.
Suggestions for a good night include booking a hotel room at Noah's and trashing it after the ritual....heading down to Macca's in a car convoy and clogging up the drive through.
Going down to the local cop shop ( just two steets away ) and staging a sit in in the foyer ( way too cold to sit outside ).
Any other ideas?????


Anchell said...

Ummmm, a steet patry with baby girks and stuff?

Lisa said...

yes, a speccy night to be sure and I cant wait !! champagne ? why the hell not !
I am wondering how many sister wives you will fit into your new Barbie car ?

Anonymous said...

I have to get the wretched thing first.......not quite sure when that will be?
Might give Rutherford Hobbit Cars a call today and find out!w.w.