Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This time last month...

This time last month I was on holidays...I was in Langkawi buying heaps of cheap shit and eating everything with chilli...
I am missing it.
I want to go back to Bali next year.
I really do - and I will be maifesting CHEAP CHEAP tickets ( at least it's hot over there and we can sleep on the beach ) in the near future.

other than that...

I finished my next painting, will blog it later.

Life is plodding along - the man goes back to work shortly and life will change for all of us.
I really need to look at my earning capacity and what I can do to improve it.
Must go buy a lottery ticket.


The Tall Red Head said...

Yes, it is cold and shitty here as well. And our petrol is at $1.69 a litre. And your paintings are awesome! And Your hubby will be fine at work, juts take a bit of re-adjusting.

There! I think I have caught up!

Kristy said...

I have many girls that would like a reading from you!

That could give you a few $$ to pass the time with....

Ill give them your card.