Thursday, June 05, 2008

This one's for Tony!!!!

Hailed as 'one of the few elite still life artists in the world today...' and as 'the most acclaimed and admired artist of the new millenium'( so says the fineartamerica website)
Indeed so..
(Are you embarrased yet Tony?)

I speak on none other than Tony Moffitt, artist,teacher, bohemian,supremo novel writer and general nice guy! ( He tells some crap jokes though )

I am very lucky to be currently attending art classes with "the master blaster" and showed him my impression of Mother Mary in a bad habit.

He was totally impressed and has promised to leave me a comment....

If we are lucky, he will start his own blog ( come on )and we will be able to really get stuck into the commentary!
Be afraid Tony,
Be very afraid....

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Cyndy said...

Hey WW!!!!

I wasn't looking for those 3 blue stones, and this morning I found them!

They were in a little dragon trinket box with a few other precious things.

I cannot remember putting them there, but what the hey, as long as they are not lost.

You said they were at home; you must be a witch or something.

Maybe this is the miracle that you've been looking for.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your feedback is always great to hear that I have been "right" ( those moments seem few and far between he...he ). I am glad that the stones are safe and I send you blessings and love.w.w.