Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to reality

How I hate travelling in aeroplanes in the middle of the night!
My trip home to Oz was quite a effort....I performed gymnastics all night long to try and find one, comfortable, peaceful spot to rest my tired body and get at least five minutes of sleep.
There were many vacant seats on the trip home but none were near us.
Some passengers were stretched out over three seats ( bastards ) and were fast asleep.
I was stuck between my 12 year old who lay all over me and my mother in law who had inflated this little plastic pillow device around her neck and looked like she was being strangled by a very short python.
I twisted to the right, I twisted to the left, I slide low in my seat, I put my legs up over the top. I lost feeling in my arms, I put the tray table down and put my head on that, but I lost feeling in my arms again.I put my legs out, I put my legs on the seat...I was tired...I could not sleep..please just a few minutes.... and the movie had finished hours ago.
No food either...we ate within an hour of boarding.
Oh, yeah...they did turn all the lights on at 5 am and gave us breakfast.
Why is airline coffee so horrid?
Why are the vegetables rubbery?

One thing I have noticed every time I back home is that it is JUST SO BRIGHT here!!!
My eyes always need about two days to adjust back to the intensity of the colours and the brightness..the sky is so blue...truely beautiful.I love Australia!!!

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Elizabeth said...

was the python around her neck blue ?
Marc's mum bought him the same thing..........
isnt it hysterical...........