Friday, September 15, 2006

School Disco

My daughter had a school disco to go to a few night's ago.It was a dress up one - "spooks".
She chose to go as .....wait for it......a witch!
How original.
She told me that she wouldn't have to go and buy an outfit as everything she needs is already at home.
One thing she asked me was whether she could wear her pentagram and take her handbag which also has a pentagram on it.
I thought about it for about half a second and said no.
She goes to a catholic school and I told her that I did not want her to have any trouble that night by showing up with "heathen" symbols around her neck.
She understood that "we don't need to be asked any more questions, considering that you have only a few months left at this school, my darling".
I think that they all know anyway, as I turn up everyday to pick up my girl from school in my car which has a pentagram and a sticker saying "witchybitz" on it.
P.S. Those socks she is wearing are mine. Or at least they were. She has now claimed them as her own. They are my most favourite witchy socks.
Must go look for another pair now..


Elizabeth said...

gorgeous child.........great socks..........

Cyndy said...

She's a gorgeous daughter has socks like those (she loves striped socks), and is on the lookout for a pair of tights.....I tend to avoid horizontal stripes....they make me look too good on someone with legs like Les Boyd, either........