Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catholic Emporium left in Turmoil!!!

Yes! It was me!
I walked into the Catholic Emporium today and all was well until I looked at the lady behind the counter and said, "Hello".
She stared at me for a moment ( I must have "witch" written on my forehead ) and she literally recoiled from the front counter as her eyes came to rest on the green man necklace that was hanging around my neck.
"How can I (possibly) help you?" she asked faintly from the back corner of the shop.
"Oh I'm just after some immaculate medals - you know the ones with the virgin Mary on them" said I.
"Just the one?" she said her eyes widening in disbelief.
"No. I'll have 10 please - and three of the bigger ones".
Well, at this point she had to scoot out the back for a moment ( no doubt to sprinkle herself with holy water and quote a paragragh from the bible ) and upon returning she hesitantly reached into the cabinet and withdrew the medallions.
"Are you sure these are what you want?" she asked.
"Oh yes, they will do just nicely" said I.
I could see her mind ticking over...maybe I was going to use them for a satanic ritual or a seance.....
I asked her,"Do you have any in sterling silver?"
"Oh we usually have plenty...but at the moment we have none (for you)".
I told her I would try again another day, thanked her politely and left.
Funny lot those catholics eh?


Anchell said...

Hee hee. Must be the day for it

Kathleen said...

It will be a day that she will probably never forget and forever talk about!

Elizabeth said...

I am glad someone else got the same reaction I usually get in there...........but I am intrigued, whats the go with Mary ?
did she speak with you ?

Severina said...

Gentle Jesus taught, " love thy neighbour as thyself ". I think this is so often forgotten by so many so-called religious people. You go girl !