Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life is one big, fat guilt trip!

“Guilt is regret for what we’ve done.
Regret is guilt for what we didn’t do.”
Why is guilt such a powerful emotion?
I sometimes feel that everything that I have done in my life has been motivated by feelings of guilt.
And, being the good Libran that I am, I balance that out by feeling guilty whether I DO and also feeling guilty whether I DONT.
When did all this start?
I think I first felt guilty in my mother's womb - that I was unexpected is an understatment!
Then as I was dragged around her life, I just learned to feel guilty about just being alive.So sad eh...well I am guilty here of allowing it to continue - SEE!!!!
And so it progresses..... I still make myself feel terribly guilty about many things that I choose to do and you can reason with yourself that you cannot please everybody blah, blah..but even the fact that you spend time feeling guilty makes you feel guilty cause you could be doing something better with your time.
“Guilt is the source of sorrow, 'tis the fiend, Th' avenging fiend, that follows us behind, With whips and stings" Nicholas Rowe.
Guilt needs the BIG FLICK!


Anchell said...

So, let it go. And mean it!

Elizabeth said...

gosh, guilt- yuk- I havent got time-but i know what you mean- dmaned if you do, damned if you dont.........guilt is such a time & enrgy waster-like jealousy & hope.......do you feel guilty because I wanted cans & you got bottles ?
You should.....

Cyndy said...

Shalom Romy,
You must have been Jewish in a previous life!

Mazeltov! ;)xo

Tesah said...

Not sure if I ever feel guilty. Maybe about sleeping in so much, but never about food- this starving Russian ballerina won't be starving again!

Kathleen said...

Yes, I am guilty of feeling guilty about things, of being guilt-tripped into things and of using guilt on others too. It's a manipulation tool, it's effective because it works so damn well. But, it has its roots in fear, a "friend" that I have little time for anymore!

Anchell said...

Think about it...we learn guilt from birth. Our mothers taught us all we know about guilt and how to take it on and then feel guilty for not wanting it. Most of it isn't even ours.