Saturday, September 23, 2006

School fair at Bero!

Went to a school fair today - was supposed to do some readings, but somehow it did not work out that way.
We were almost totally ignored! I could actually hear people saying "Don't go over there..don't go over there!"
I thought that I had sufficiently trimmed my horns back enough to be totally unnoticable, but obviously not.
I was waiting for a mini school play of "the Wickerman" to be reproduced around the side of the school hall with us as the main stars!
To say that we felt a bit alienated is to put it mildly..but what can you do.
Never mind....maybe we did charge too much for our readings? I just think no one was willing to get close enough to even see the sign without a wreath of garlic and a wooden stake in their hands.
Another psychic fair next weekend.....we will try again.
I could just see Lisa's face with that "I'm so over it" expression on her face, so when we said, at 12 noon, that we'd had enough - let's go to McDonalds - it was a blessed relief.
It was all good - had a nice morning out.
Thanks Leanne and Deb for comming along too!You are both crack ups!


Elizabeth said...

I was so over it!
No way could I make my poor kids suffer through a complete day like that..............
however, have just spoken to sister who tells me the fair made around $

no more psychic fairs ever.......but daughter & I are keen to go to egg-why-ptt

Romy said...


Anchell said...

I wanna come too!

Cyndy said...

Things are crook when going to Macca's becomes a better option!