Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Local Man "violated" by alien implement!

News to hand!
Local man reports being abducted by an alien being posing as a doctor and is then violated by an instrument he calls "an anal probe" before being released many miles from home.
Mr X ( name witheld to protect identity ) says that he will never be the same after his encounter with an indescribable alien species.
Mr X says that he was firstly transported to another dimension where he found himself in "some sort of sterile environment where I was approached from behind by this crazed animal with what looked liked an oversized dildo which was then placed in a very sensitive area of my body, which I cannot mention as it is still too raw a memory for me".
Mr.X continued his extraordinary tale by stating that the alien then proceeded to extract pieces of flesh from him to use in experimentations on board the mother ship.
"I cannot believe that I have lived through this ordeal.
This experience has burnt an indellible memory into my brain."
Mr.X is currently recovering at home receiving loving care from his wife and will not be giving any further interviews at this point.
We are lucky to have received a photo of the "instrument" used in the violation process that Mr.X captured with a digital camera that he just happened to have with him at the time.


Cyndy said...

Hah! You can understand why he didn't want to use his real name!

Anchell said...


Tesah said...

I think Mr X is a very brave man for facing the ordeal he has just gone through.

Elizabeth said...

personally, that thing doesnt look too threatening- do they come battery operated ?
Mr X is a brave soul selling his story to the media- there must be a book in here somewhere, im sure if the aliens probe around abit more they will find it.
as long as the voice is still the same..............

Anonymous said...

umm maybe he should have taken a pic of the alien

Elizabeth said...

.........or the procedure........poor angel....under all the humour, I am praying for him & you too....
love you x