Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad dreams and back pain

Had the most awful dream last night and am suffering a bit with pain the the neck and back - last night before I went to bed it became excruciating.
I guess it is a sign that the cooler weather is starting. I am always in more pain during the winter months and I had a brief reminder of it yesterday.

A tug boat is my next art project - as I managed to capture one yesterday when I headed into town for some inspiration.
I have been waiting for over a year to get a tug boat picture - never there at the right moment, so I was quite thrilled to see one tied up on the city side and flew out of the car with my camera.

My first art competition is on this weekend - The Newcastle Show.
I picked a big one to enter. There will be a lot of competitors so I am not expecting anything other than some exposure and, of course, the opportunity to sell the item.
We do get to go to a champagne and finger food night next Monday to meet the other competitiors and to see the winners get their awards.Quite thrilling.


Kathleen said...

Best of luck for you Newcastle Show entry!

Jen said...

Woo hoo - which ones are you entering???

dragonesque said...

That's very cool about the Newcastle Show. Good luck and enjoy the champers and finger food!

Anonymous said...

Christchurch cathedral.
Diana has two in - one is a altar and the other is a drawing.Good luck to her too!!!!w.w.

Lisa said...

excellent- fitting for a witch to enter a cathedral xx

Anonymous said...

indeed a tribute to my past!w.w.