Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pic No:13 for 2009

This is my beautiful Aleksandra.
This was hard work. It was a great lesson and I was guided along the way by my teacher's advice. It did not come easy, but I am pretty happy with the result!
Portraiture is definately an art form that requires patience and skill.
I hope to get there one day!!!!


Michelle said...

Damn good!


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is her intense look.
This is as good as I could get of I had little to work with, but I am happy with the result.
Thanks Michelle.w.w.

Dragonesque said...

Nice portrait; very clever, you are! Aleksandra must feel very special to be the focus.

Cyndy said...

You are very critical of yourself, Renata! Excellent, I say!

Your little girl is growing up to be a rather exotic young woman. ;0)

mrsb said...

Just found your blog, and it's great! Great artwork, great writing, and that dog is just too cute!