Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to "Hardly Normal" we go!

Gee... they just don't make things to last do they?
Our oven died a few days ago - we have only had it for 17 years!!!
Could have lasted a few more years....but no, no, no...
so we had to make a mad dash around town to find a new one and I had not realised just how expensive they are?
For Christ's sake I just want to bake things...
so we ended up making a purchase at "Hardly Normal" ( better known as Harvey Norman )
and the man is busy trying to install the bastard!
I wanted to sleep in this morning after an awful night of waking due to being bitten to near death by mosquitoes but the small black dog has a built in alarm clock that rings at 6.30 every morning at which point I am to wake up and go downstairs and feed him and then entertain him.
I was not in the mood this morning and yet my darndest efforts at trying to ignore the constant barking could not be followed through as I was scared that one of the neighbours would come and complain about the noise..


Natalie said...

Might see you there, my fat bottom has broken three chairs.
New dining suite for me.

Good luck with the show ~ you are fabulous. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Natalie..I will always remember that you had enough faith in me to buy my first pic...w.w.

Anonymous said...

Michelle you must let me know when that Tilligerry art show comes around...w.w.

Dragonesque said...

Perhaps you could have waiting a bit for the neighbours to come over and complain then THEY could have fed and entertained the black dog.