Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too boring for words...

Yes indeed I am.
Full moon and pounding headache.
Tried to get some work this week - but failed.
Had a great day at Tanilba Bay yesterday with Deb and Maureen.
Felt some ghosties and was upset at the state of a beautiful heritage listed bulding falling apart and gathering dust.
Being ripped off $8.50 for admission ( including a "talk" about the House consisting of "the furniture is not original and don't touch anything" )and crappy tea with soggy biscuits.
None the less the company was great.
Heading to Sydney tomorrow -while the man goes to a conference I will be helping the ecomony by spending Kevin's money.


Lisa said...

faithless ?
oh dear.....

Michelle said...

Doesn't sound too schmick.

I have already spent Kev's $$ before I got it :(


dragonesque said...

The ritual last night was beautiful and I'm sorry that you seem to be facing some challenges.
*hugs* to you always!