Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Painting Lady!

Well my next art work is nearly done - just another day or two....
I have just been in contact with my art teacher talking about all the art stuff I am doing this month and I counted up that I will have 19 paintings on display somewhere around the area during this month!
Freaking 19!!!!!!!
Hard to believe, that just over a year ago I had not even painted one thing!

Please, please please let there be a sale somewhere......
Lisa has started me off for April - thanks Chicky babe...I hope the red family like your purchase!

First of April - I talked to my class about self realisation last night.
A mighty task for everyone to take on in their lifetime.
A call to arms - to become oneself and attain their full potential.
Indeed I have been doing this through my art work - trying to get to my full potential.
Better late than never...
Saw a guy on TV yesterday.
He was 75 and had the body of a 35 year old through exercise and weight training.
What a role model! Good on him!
Now back to my paintbrush and chocolate eclair!!!!!


Jen said...

Self realisation ... yes.

It is mandatory to grow older, but we can stay immature indefinately....

Good night last night, thank you!!

p.s. ANOTHER eclair????? tsk tsk


Michelle said...

I want a chocolate eclair!

(and 19 artworks hanging somewhere grumble bitch moan)


Lisa said...

most excellent achievements ELF !!! am thrilled with the followers gadget at friggin last- now go press the 'follow' button on all your favourite blogs..starting with mine ofcourse.smooch xx

Anonymous said...

This is all too much farking technology...it has only taken me five weeks to work out the gadget business...definately not a computer whizz here!!w.w.