Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beautiful day at Bondi!

To tell you the truth,Bondi is just like an upmarket Newcastle beach...
It is an iconic spot in Sydney for sure, but does not outshine our thing that was nice though was a patch of grass and trees to sit under and enjoy the view.
The shops are very average - but for a chocolate shop just opening ( heaps of these in Melbourne) - where everything is made with chocolate! The shop speciality is a spanish dipping biscuit and melted hot chocolate (YUMMMMMMMMM).They gave us a try of this delicasy and asked us to come back when they open up on Monday.
I walked passed a few of these when we were in Melbourne and never walked in.....wasn't I stupid???
We walked and walked and walked yesterday with baby girl spending stacks at Paddy's market and Sydney was inundated with sailors from all the war ships in the harbour - we watched the march past and gave them all a cheer!
All those mariners!!!!
Great fun.

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