Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fanny Burney and the Ghostie at Tanilba House

Took a drive with Deb and Fanny Burney ( my new name for Lisa - because of a book she picked up at the bookshop with that name, plus it suits her )to Lemon Tree Backpassage to see another of the sisterhood - Michelle.
We had a lovely lunch, fantastic conversation and then headed to the local second hand book shop where Lisa was drawn to her name sake ( Fanny ).
After saying goodbye to our sweetie Michelle we decided to head out to Tanilba Bay house ( just turn right at Coles ) for a Capt.Cook.
It was closed.
Maybe a blessing?
Lisa was good enough to park while I went over the road to take a few pics of the outside of the house.
Its a well known historic site and looks quite beautiful - using the local stone in the construction.
While standing there on the grass in what must have once been a flower garden, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine, then up, then down, then all over.
I was enveloped by this..
A ghostie for sure!
He did not like me standing on that spot and was totally wanting me to get off.
I walked back to the car shaking him off with no success.
As I opened the car door, Deb said she felt something wierd and asked me what did I bring along this time, while Fanny motioned me out of the car saying "stay outside and leave your friend here!"
So I sat down on the grass and asked the spirit to leave ( betcha that would have looked a treat to anyone looking through their window), while Deb and Fanny locked the car doors.
Well, he left and then I was let into the car and we continued our journey home.

I think what I encountered was the old grounds caretaker and I was disrespecting his flower garden by stepping right in the middle of it, although it was just and empty patch now with uncut grass.

Any hoo, it may be worth another visit at some point a longer conversation with the ghostie of Tanilba Bay House!
Want to come along????


Michelle said...

Ahhhh, well that'll learn ya.

Lunch was

Jen said...

ha ha ha...

oh dear, I can just see you sitting on the grass with a spook.. ha ha



Fanny Burney - snort

Anonymous said...

i think i told either you or lisa or deb about old tanilba house you wait til ya get ya little old butt inside the old maitriarch is another kettle of fish i first went there in 1990's could never find anyone interested in going there i'll be in if ya going back ......maureen