Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another lesson in anatomy!

My hero, Gunter, was on tv last night cutting up another dead body on the screen for all of us to see. This time it was not a "freshie" as I call them, but this one had been stored in some sort of mixture that wizzened this body up into a horrible looking manequin.We were looking at digestion and dear old Gunter started by dissecting the tongue right down to the anus.M m m m!
At one point the assisting doctor had a freudian slip moment when, I am sure he said 'tequila' instead of 'two kilos' while examining the deceased woman's liver. I am sure that he was thinking that he could probably do with one at that point and that's why it slipped out - or maybe I just did not hear it right?
Also the drama was heightened by a naked model (male) who was being used as a human canvas - an artist was drawing the digestive tract onto this young man's body.Pity he had an erection when he first stood up - poor lad. He kept his hands firmly hiding his willy for the rest of the show.
This is must see tv.
Highly recommended - can't wait till next week.

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