Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's been one year...

This time last year my father was in hospital after breaking his hip.It was the beginning of the end. It has been a year since his passing. Dad died on the 21st August 2005.
I have been thinking about it this week, especially since his grave has just been finished and I have not been out to see it yet.
Do I feel my father around me? No. No signs, no messages.
I have dreamt about him, once or twice.
In the most recent dream he was very angry at me for not telling him that I knew that he was dying (cause I did'nt).I did't think that it was going to improve his last days if I told him that was going to cark it at any moment.
It has been a hard first year. My mother decided to stay in the family home - alone -something that she vowed that she would never do.
Life goes on.


Elizabeth said...

I thought it was close- it has gone so fast-you totally deserve a holiday my love- it has been a huge year for you & yours..........
i love you true

Anchell said...

Must be the day for it. I wish you love and light.