Saturday, August 12, 2006

One week to Thailand!

This time next week I will be counting down the hours to take off - I am leaving on Monday night.
The biggest challenge I face is the ferry trip from Phuket to Phi Phi Island as I suffer from terrible sea sickness. But I am going to take all the pills that the doctor has supplied me with and hopefully I will be so out of it that I will not go into the horrible contorted mess that I become when I even look at a boat. Here's hoping!
I will be spending four nights on Phi Phi island, then seven nights at Phuket and four nights in Bangkok. I have been to Thailand before and am looking forward to going back. I love the mix of cultures and religion. The locals are all so generous and honest, it is lovely to spend time talking to them. They all work so hard that I feel positively lazy around them. It is always a wake up call about the issues that I complain about in my life when I see how these people work. The people of Bali are the same in this respect.For the vast majority, their lives are so hard and yet they are satisfied with their lot and just get on with it.
We have a lot to learn from their grace and dignity about life.

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Elizabeth said...

is it that close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel ill................
and then calander me !!