Thursday, August 31, 2006

Crazy Bangkok

Here we are in the wonderfully crazy city of Bangkok!Almost had my wallet stolen out of my bag last night...we were walking back to our hotel and in a crowd when I felt one of the zips on my bag trying to be opened. I squeezed the bag in tighter and the grip released and I turned to find a young guy trying to look innocent...I told him that I knew what he was trying to do and he took off..minutes later we heard a woman screaming that her bag had been stolen.I was VERY LUCKY.
Just up from where we are staying we found our first elephant last night.
A litle baby girl called Bo Pong - she is 4 and was adorable!!!!We purchased sugar cane from her owner and fed her - that's how they look after them, they take them into the city to make money on the tourists buy letting them feed their elephants. The shopping here is crazy....huge departments stores all could go mad!!!But the noise is overwhelming and the crowds even more so..

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