Monday, August 28, 2006

Extendo - stomach Disaster

Yes....we all knew it would happen. The extendo - stomach has finally burst and sent a gurgling mess of destruction blocking many a Thai toilet in the process.The poor people of Phuket did not see this one coming...beware!!!!!It could be coming to a place near you!!!!
I have just about recovered from a bout of "whatever-the -hell-that-was" and am feeling that I can tackle my next plate of green curry at any moment.
We are not really doing much except for a horrendous amount of shopping for complete crap.It's so much fun!!
You can buy vodka cruisers here at the local 7/11 (every few metres)for two dollars. Each shop has a complete alchohol supply that would blow your mind....right next to the 50 cent chocolates and danish pastries that cost 50 cents each!!!!HEAVEN.
I am sure that we will do something cultural soon...maybe in Bangkok.
We are in an internet cafe where the lady who owns the place lost everything. Then she had to wait to have her little hole in the wall rebuilt by someone from overseas (lots of Indians and Pakistanis came in and brought out the places as the Thais could not afford to rebuild)and she moved back in, paying rent to her new landlords at a most exhorbitant fee not to mention the loan that she has to also pay off to afford two computers and an airconditioner to cool the place down.For this she must work 12 hour days and has had to put her 10 year old daughter into care as she has no time left to spend with her.
Next time you feel like complaining....don't!!!These people are doing it tough.
I could not work 12 days, seven days a week and not see my kids...and for what???They are not getting rich...they are just surviving.God bless them all.


Elizabeth said...

go easy on the rich food little indigo........

Anchell said...

Im still jealous

Shann said...

Next time you have to smuggle me in your suitcase!