Thursday, August 03, 2006

Celebrating St.Brigid's Day

I celebrated with a close group of friends St.Brigid's Day last night (Imbolc - Aug 1st in the Southern Hemisphere).Imbolc is a festival that heralds in Spring and the growing sun shine. We made St.Brigid's Crosses out of raffia to be hung at home for safety and protection. Mine is now proudly hanging on my front door and will remain there till next year. As I am going away soon for a two week holiday, I will be glad of the extra protection that St. Brigid will be affording my home.
Although it looks very pagan, it is also in the shape of a cross, so my mother in law, who is devoutly catholic, will not be questioning me when she comes to visit.
St.Brigid was another pagan Goddess that the Catholics claimed as their own when Christianity came to Ireland.As the then pagan Irish would not give up honoring Brigid the Catholics thought it better to make her their own rather than banning her altogether.

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Elizabeth said...

it was a wonderful night- out with the old, in with the new.......
E x