Saturday, August 26, 2006

Update from Phuket

Am now in Phuket - Patong beach.
All is well and yes....I survived the boat trips although I took so many tablets that all I could do for the next eight hours was sleep.
I cannot eat so much any more although my eyes say stomach is saying no!
The cakes and pastries here are to die for!!!
Our hotel is massive and is across the road from the main beach where the wave came in when it hit Phuket.
Everything is different.
Many shops have photos showing the devastation that the wave caused to them and stories abound.
It is very modern looking now down the main street - almost unrecognisable.
We did manage to eat at one of the restaurants we went to the last time we were here last night.The owner showed us photos of cars imbeded in the front of the shops next door and all the shit that got brought in by the waves just EVERYWHERE.How they cleaned this place up is a miracle.We went down to look at the beach this morning and I tried to picture the wave comming in.....needless to say I couldn't imagine it.
It is raining but humid...not that that will stop us shopping.

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Elizabeth said...

take photos & keep shopping - I can feel a whole 'around the cauldron' topic building around this trip..........hope the kids, the voice & his mother are all well.
Miss you more than you could possibly know- my Libra balance- am lost with out you.
E x