Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Freudian Relationship

Dear old Sigmund would have had a field day with me and my relationship with my mother.This woman must have damaged me in some strange way in my formative years as I bear the scars even today and when I see her, which is way too often as I am now her main carer, it takes me 24 hours to get over the encounter.
I know that I do not remember very much of my early childhood but I do remember suffering from high anxiety and stress ever since I can remember, even as a five year old.
Both my parents were prisoners of war and held on to their fair share of demons - unfortunately they passed many of them onto me and I have been coping with them ever since.
Another meeting with her today has left me reeling. No matter how hard I try to keep my cool, I always seem to lose it. Boy, can she press my buttons.
What a shame....
Does anyone else have such a relationship?


Anchell said...

OOOOh Yeeaaahhh. My mother is unbelievable. Without fail she has to be the most effective merchant of guilt and shame I have ever come across. Looking back Im not sure how I survived......However she is a merchant and Im not buying anymore. Phew

Kathleen said...

Yes...totally, my Mum likes to push my buttons...and I resist only for so long...then I explode...and then I am the worst person in the world!!! I'm not playing this game anymore. lol