Monday, October 30, 2006

Are these records?

If I hear that statement one more time, I will kill someone!
Get over it people....I AM NOT SELLING RECORDS OK!!!!!
I have come to the conclusion that reading the back and front cover of my calendars is as close as some people will ever get to reading a piece of literature!
I thought lobotomy's were illegal, but there have certainly been a few performed on local inhabitants of Newcastle.
Am I beginning to sound bitter and twisted?
Well, it has been almost two weeks - only 12 more to go!

It's all happening this week.
The man has been summoned by Dr.Testicleremover to Melbourne to have his wallet and its contents permanently dislodged from his hip pocket.
Yes...consultation number one coming up, so we are all heading down for a quick 24 hours in the Victorian capital.
Some quick planning has the shop taken care of and all under control.
But I will be missing Beltane festivities at the Cottage, bugger!


Anchell said...

Its back minus comments.....

Cyndy said...

24hrs is quick...<3