Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is the world still turning?

I woke up this morning and for a split second, before full consciousness set in..everything felt normal.
Then I realised that it was just Sunday and I was suffering prostate cancer overload.
I now realise why people just get on with their daily lives, go to work, buy the groceries etc.. after such devestating news.There has to be some normality, some sort of routine kept up or the 'big c' takes over everything.
We are more upbeat today - Aleks is very positive and has made a rule that we must stay happy.
Between my husband and I, we have looked at so many web sites over the past 24 hours about prostate cancer that we have had enough.Its all just a jumble of information.
I have said that I will be giving the man reiki each day and we are going to look at changes in diet and exercise.
Tomorrow ,it's on the phone to make many calls and some enquiries.
I might be fooling myself into thinking that all of this is giving me some control back - but that is my opinion only.
The man is strong and he is willing to do what ever it takes and so am I.
I AM NOT prepared for any further bad news - so these tests on Wednesday are not something I am relishing. One more straw will break the camel's back.
The man has spent the day with some mates watching Bathurst and having a drink or two, or three or four..can't blame him.

Does anyone have a magic wand? Or know a good miracle worker?
My wand is up to shit..and I need help now!!!
So let me know, ok?


Lisa said...

i cant wait to give you a cuddle......i wish I could assure you that there will be no more bad news but i cant- I do however, have a wand & plenty of praying power.
Now we know why Mary has been so closly with you over the last few weeks & yes, apricot kernils are reported to be very benificial.

I love you my friend
me x

Lisa said...

yes, the world still turns- maybe faster but still as always......

Anchell said...


love to you

Gloria said...

You are a wonderful lady and it makes me sad you are in pain. Your family is in my prayers.
I am sending you a hug and a lot of love.

Lisa said...

sending you love dear heart....

Kathleen said...

Time is precious, particularly when a loved one has a serious illness such as cancer, Mark and I have been on this journey with a few family members besides Razor, and it is heart-wrenching.

My heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

Kathleen xOx