Monday, October 09, 2006

Incontinence nurse?

My - how your world can change in just a few days!
I would have liked to have spent today going to lunch with the man and my daughter, maybe a movie or bowling ( haven't done that in ages ).Maybe a trip to Nelson Bay and a walk by the water. Maybe lunch with friends..
Instead, I was called by my increasingly dementia ridden mother at the crack of dawn with the question, "Is that you?".
Why did she call? Well, I really am still not sure - she just remembered something at 6 oclock in the morning and just had to share it with me. Not happy Jan!!!!!
Then I got on the phone to a specialist in Melborune who performs prostate surgery using state of the art machinery. They sent us info via email (how great is that!). We found out the price of this ( actually less than we were expecting ) even though it will be about $15,000, as we are not covered by private health insurance, if we want to go down that path.
Then, it was an appointment to our local GP and organising a possible "plan" for care for the next few months.
We were on the phone then to the 'incontinence nurse ' to talk about aspects of the post operation period if the cancer is found to be contained.
The man asked me, 'Where do we buy adult nappies from?' and I told him that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.
Then it was to Medicare to get some money back from some of the bills that we have already incurred.
Later I went to the Library and got about 8 books on prostate cancer to look through and also info about acid/alkaline balance in the body and its effects on our health.
And so the day was gone and I sat in the car telling the man what a fun day it had been!
I would have preferred to go to lunch with friends....


Anchell said...

I dont know about you but I find it comforting to be for-armed with as much knowledge as I can find in situations like this. At least it gives you an idea of what to expect. Sort of. Its a bastard...

Tesah said...

Thinking of you guys. Much love

Cyndy said...

Dementia...for those of us who are close to it, we know it's a 36hour day..and there is no logic for anything associated with it.....
Dearest Romy, my heart aches for you all, because it does involve you all. My head tells me that you have done all the right things so far. Keep a notebook to write your questions as soon as they pop into your head, otherwise, in the doctor's office, they may slip into the void of your stress. Keep educating yourselves. Nurses, rather than doctors, can sometimes be more helpful in situations such as yours, and if you have doubts or questions, raise them. In the world of the "Big C", prostate cancer is one of the most treatable; and the treatment may be one of the least invasive. Once you get to the point where you know where you are going with treatment and you are ready, find a support group; no-one can help you more than the people who have already travelled this journey. I know a number of men who have been treated for this disease, none of them as young, nor as healthy as your man, and they continue to lead happy, healthy lives after treatment (nor to they wear "Depend").
Try to continue to be pro-active in your approach, and if someone offers to help, then give them jobs to do. This is a time when your family needs to be there for each other, so let others take care of the mundane parts of life; this journey will take a while, and you need to care of yourself, so that you can be there for the others who will need you.
Inhale and absorb the love and support of your friends, this can help to keep you afloat.
Sending you love and light, Cyndyxox

Romy said...

Thankyou all!!!

Lisa said...

you are doing what you need to do at this time- we love you and are there for you..all will be well....
Me x