Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Big 'C'.

Just when you thought that life might just slip one quietly past were dreadfully wrong and the world came crashing down instead.
Well, I really was not expecting my darling to come home and tell me that he had cancer...but he did, and we now have to deal with it.
I have to thank all of you for your wishes and prayers. You have all been so kind and I have passed on all your messages to the man.
He is being very brave and sees it all in the logical way he sees everything. I am the one that falls apart, and that's what I did.
I was very angry yesterday and in shock.I just could not believe it - I was so sure that he would walk in and say that everything was fine.
I really believed that I had received an affirmation of a good outcome.
So, I felt cheated and very angry.
My faith has been tested and I am far from being accepting of this. I do not want to learn any lesson and I do not want to go through this particular trial.
My husband is a good man and does not deserve to have this in his life.
Unbelievably if he had not gone to his doctor he would have never known.
He had no pain, no symptoms..nothing.
It was just his hunch to go have a simple blood test just to make sure everything was ok.
People his age do not get this..he is too young.

Today I am slightly numb but at least not crying.
Where do we go from here?
The man needs more tests to see how this has spread or if it is contained - so that is the next hurdle.These tests will go ahead in a few days.
From there we will see what our options are.
Thats all I can say.


Jacqui said...

I'm praying for extra angels for the two of you right now. Stay strong sweety. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

I have some understanding of this , i am really sure that it will be contained at his age , and there is lots can be done ,, it is not a death sentence , i know this is little comfort for you but i pray for you to stay strong .. i know you do not want the lesson but it is here , i will pray every morning for you and your family ,,,, xxxxxxx

Lisa said...

my dearest friend- this news has shocked us all at the cottage to depths I didnt even know we had.
Looking at it from the outside you see that it is indeed a lesson adn & test of fatih- looking at it from the inside- i see my dearest sister & her family in pain that I cannot understand or touch.
I am here
we all are
How blessed we are that this has been found so early- how blessed to have had the thought to initiate a blood test in the first place.
I love you, feel for you & know your fear.
Lean on me..........Lisa xx

Anchell said...

I dont know what to say....Im here if you need anything at all. Love to you strong woman

Kathleen said...

You are all in my heart Romy