Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Ton of Calendars!

Our stock arrived today!We now have a ton of calendars in our garage and strewn throughout the house. Yes - really. A ton of calendars arrived today and our fabulous delivery driver then proceeded to lift them off the truck and whilst almost breaking our letter box and scratching our driveway surface, he lost control of the pallet lifter and 480 kgs of calendars flew off and down our driveway in quite a ceremonious heap. Oh my God - now I had to take each box down by hand!
That took an hour.
Then my mother in law and I started the stock inventory. We have been at it for 10 hours between us and I have called it a day. There is probably about five hours to go before we get organised.
We have calendars about everything you can think about AND MORE!
Anyone want a calendar? Please?


Lisa said...

I hate calenders & I hate claender club but i love you & your strength & determination to fight.
a true witch
me x

Kathleen said...

I love using calenders in collages ... so I'll chop up a few for you : )

Cyndy said...

Tenacious witch, aren't you...yes, I want one!

Anchell said...

I'll have an american indian one....in january!

Lisa said...

basically, it appears we all hate calenders but love you....go figure?