Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

So,it was my birthday today and I managed to avoid most of the family...I really just felt like a quiet one this time around.
We had stuff to do and places to go - so we headed off to our Chinese herbalist and proceeded to pay out good money to be given a few bags of what looks like garden mulch (check picture!).The man has to make a nasty brew out of this suff and skull it twice a day. It stikes fear into the strongest of constitutions..but it works!
Then we had lunch at Jewels Tavern - highly recommended.
I had an enormous chicken schnitzel with an unfortunate looking mushroom sauce that looked like spew - but it tasted nice!
I went to Charlestown Square to introduce myself to the 'neighbours' namely Crazy John's and Terry White Chemist to be told by the guys at the chemist that they really don't like the fact that I will be blocking their stream of traffic with my kiosk for the next three months and that they will be takng it up with centre management.
Oh dear, here it goes!!!!
Hope I don't have to move - there is nowhere else for me to go.
Things went from mad to bad with a few more phone calls and problems to be sorted and by 4 oclock we still had not heard from the doctor. So the man made a call and was told that he would have to wait till Monday as his doctor had left for his holidays.
I am spending the evening drinking cock sucking cowboys which the man got me for my birthday...that should make me happy!


Jacqui said...

You were just around the corner from my place! I love jewells tavern, it's good food. Gotta love those fish ponds too!
Glad you had a good day, sweety.
Take care,
Rylah xXx

Cyndy said...

Not the average birthday, hey Romy, but it's a bit like that when you've had a few..they're a bit like Mother's day really... Jewell's Tavern is a great place to eat, especially if you've got kids..Elly and I karaokied there one night...'nuff said...have a good one;)xoxo

Lisa said...

dont go to Jewells, eleebana or any such foreign place - far too many memeoroes of HWSNBN- glad your day was...........what ever it was- bit of a concern about old Tezza White- how much business does a chemist shop do around xmas anyway...............shame about test results- awfully frustrating- like watching mum snuffle an apple pie--love you- herbs look revolting but what the hell- apricot kernals too

Anchell said...

Chinese herbs are supposed to be magic!
Glad your day was nice and quietish for you.
As for Terry White....plurgh
and plurgh to doctors going on holidays at crucial moments........who do they think they are!

Lisa said...

yes, i am with Mary Anchell- doesnt the Doctor know we are all waiting..............
Mary me

xxEloisexx said...

Jewells Tavern is so nice! We've been there a couple of times! Its good for the kiddie-winks too. Got my face painted once, by a clown that was there. I see mother already mentioned the karoke....we sung the BeeGees!
Happy Birthday!

Cyndy said...

You may have already gathered what my opinion is of the less-than-Godlike doctors.....:x0x0x0