Friday, October 20, 2006

The week that was....

This was the week that saw me:
1.Be happy that the man's test results came back negative - so next step is the BIG OP!
2.Go back to work ( what WAS that last word? )
3.Cut off the circulation to the lower part of my body by wearing support stockings.
4.Nearly breaking both wrists by trying to put said stockings on and take them off.
5.Managing not going to the toilet once in 12 hours - that was today.
6.Seeing the most horrible hairy arse crack ever ( well, since Calendar Club last year)-Ewwwww! This poor girl had so much arse crack hair you could style it!!!!
7.Get repulsed by the fact that some simple minded moron left their chewed gum stuck to my cash register when I wasn't looking - Ewwwww!
8.Eat too much food too late at night and then bloating like a zeppelin.
9.Become addicted to chocolate popcorn from the popcorn shop next to my stand at Charlestown Square.
10.Have dark rings around one eye only.
11.Not be able to stand on my feet when I got up in the morning cause they hurt so much from standing!
12.Amost getting through my first week.
13.Lasting till day 5 before getting really pissed off with my moron customers who cannot read , think I sell records and cannot put anything back the way they found. it.
14.Be abused repeatedly by old aged pensioners who claimed that I "stole" their seats and when was I going to kindly leave so that they could park their sorry saggy old arses back down on the seating provided by the centre right in front of the Chemist where I now am.


Anchell said...

Never mind, I
will be there tomorrow and I will let you go to the loo as many times as you want and I will buy you coffee and punch out the cranky old hairy arses for you.
This is because I am the BEST STAFF evenbetterthanothermarystaff
and because you are the BOSS....
I will not rub your feet though, that is a job for 'that man'!

Romy said...


Lisa said...

Poor you Mary !
a female hairy ass crack ? is that possible?
i will be there with bells on on Tuesday for my 'shift' and will most certainly rub anypart of you that requires it - unlike other staff who shall remain nameless but has big hair & paint everywhere, I have no stipulations to my employment.
Are we allowed to stick paper, pencils & chewgum down hairy ass cracks ?
Yes, boss, no boss, three bags full you, me , the other one Mary x

Lisa said...

ps......have you spotted hwsnbn out there ?

Cyndy said...

HATE stockings of any type...Female hairy arse crack;I so DO NOT want to imagine it!!!!I thought hormonal hair on the back of the female leg was obtrusive enough.......Carry on Calendar Mary, and keep those staff of your's in line...;) xoxo

Anchell said...

Certain STAFF's are in line and others just have a red nose!

Lisa said...

very fitting for the 'stolen pagan holdiay' season.............

Anchell said...

Hello Renatas Husband.....I know you're there!!!!

Severina said...

I meant to say, you sound like me, the friendly neighbourhhod pool owner ! Thinking of you.