Sunday, October 01, 2006

Psychic Weekend

The last two days have been spent at Salamander Bay ( about an hour's drive from Newcastle) at a Psychic Fair where I was doing readings.
I have come to accept that these events will never make me 'oodles' of money, but I enjoy the company of other psychics and its great for networking.
So with that intent I enjoyed the weekend and the few readings that I did do were very rewarding. I got a lot of valuable feedback that made me very happy with where I am currently at capability wise and the advice and discussion amongst the other psychics is always a learning opportunity.
I returned this afternoon feeling very ordinary indeed and was happy to be back with my family who I am missing very much at the moment.
I hate spending too much time away from them and now with the added worry of the health of my hubby it makes each moment together even more important.
I got some special crystals from Monika, the crystal lady, to give my husband to wear for a while while all this crap gets sorted..Thanks Monika.
Anniversary of Bali bombing at Jimbaran Bay today. The Balinese are doing badly.Tourism has not recovered..always the same...a small number of arse holes spoil it for everyone else.
Long weekend - tomorrow is a holiday for most.What are you doing?


Anchell said...


Elizabeth said...

nothing then Angelic awareness Circle tomorrow night......

Anchell said...

of course! I meant nothing except what I WANT to do

Cyndy said...

I don't even get to go there