Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am sitting here in the loungeroom waiting for my husband to return from the specialist with his results from the biopsy he had two weeks ago on his prostate.
This is agony....the specialist is running late and my husband should have been home by now.
I have eaten everything that isn't bolted down just so I am doing something and feel rather ill, so I thought that I would blog instead.
How do you wait for information like this?
Even the mere possibility of cancer is too much to consider - how do people do this?
Yesterday our fixtures arrived for our calendar kiosk. Now I know it's "FOR REAL" and we are truely committed.
My daughter asked me yesterday, " Mum, how many days does Calendar Club go for?".
All I could say is, "Too many" and left it at that.
For anyone who doesn't know, Calendar Club is a seasonal business that I commit to every October to January where I sell calendars at a local shopping complex from a kiosk.
It's where I make my "real" money.
I work on commission and my whole family is involved. My husband builds the kiosk and helps organise me and pulls me into line when I become the "drama queen from hell". He does maintanence and all the physical hard work.
My older daughter helps sell calendars on her days off and my younger daughter whinges and says that I am continully telling her to "hurry up" and that I am constantly in a bad mood.
My mother in law helps at the kiosk and does all the book work - which is HOURS of work.Each item has to be checked in and out otherwise we get charged for it at full price at the end of the season and have to wear the cost if it is stolen or a mistake on the part of the company having charged us incorrectly.
My mother's house is used as a storage facility for boxes and excess and our house becomes a shed with calendars in every available orifice, garage, bedrooms, hallways etc...It's so much fun just before Christmas.
We have a crazy Christmas with only two days off ( maybe it will only be one day this year if trading happens on boxing day ) and I work about 90 hours per week during the season - each day selling at the kiosk and then the bits and pieces when I get home, like banking, stock selection, bookwork etc.
By the end of the season I am 'cactus' and counting the days to the end.
Of course my psychic stuff gets put on hold and I wind down readings and my contribution to Rose Cottage which makes me feel totally guilty - as I wish I was there but can't be.
By the way....I am still waiting for my man to walk through the door....

So, come and see me and buy a Calendar. I am at Chalestown Square, lower level near the Chemist - plus I will probably be needing a coffee and to go the the toilet!
I can't write any more..I think I will go eat's been at least 10 minutes since the last time I put food in my mouth..


Elizabeth said...

thinking of you.
hating calander club with a passion............

Anchell said...

Thinking of you too......

Severina said...

Hope everything went well Calendar Girl !

Cyndy said...

Thinking of you and yours. And I'd like a calender with Boxers on it please!

Anchell said...

We are sending you and yours lots of love and light and healing. You are all in my prayers. Peace to you beautiful lady.

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you and your family, sending love and light.

Kathleen xOx

Elizabeth said...

my angel- i dont have words for the fear you must be feeling- i am here- we all are- let us support you through this.
I love you true dear friend
Raihn x

Elizabeth said...

thinking of you.I didnt sleep so i can imagine how you are......
Me x