Sunday, October 22, 2006


One week completed and only 13 to go - it's a breeze....NOT!!!
Today was Sunday trading and as slow as hell. I was bored and could not get motivated to be at my selling best.Worst trade day to date, but overall the week has been much better than last years first week.
A guy came up to the counter this morning and I noticed he had a worm on his shirt collar. It was wriggling as he talked to me and so I commented to him that he had a worm on his shirt. First he thought that I was having a piece of him but the woman I was serving said that there was actually a worm on his shirt.
At that point the man got irrate and told us both to mind our own business and that if he did have a worm on his shirt, it was his worm and he was entitiled to have it wherever he wanted to have it.
I was going to suggest that he obviously had an even smaller worm in his pants, but thought it best not to go there.
I vowed and declared at that point that I would never tell another man that he had a worm on his shirt ever again!


Anchell said...

That was REALLY funny. Darlin' came running in to see what I was laughing so much about....I even had visuals!
You must get a mirror to keep under the counter in case it ever happens again!

Cyndy said...

I shouldn't read late at night..I will wake beloved up with my laughter!!!
I reckon that worm-guy was a jockey on the inside...(You'll need to read Raihn's blog if you don't get it)XOXOX

Lisa said...

did you sell him an 'angry worm man' calender......what a dick !

Anchell said...

My gawd...did you hear what she said about worm man???
She will not be a GOOD STAFF like me....I would have told the nasty worm man to buy combantrin as he obviously was anally challenged poor diddums.
Then I would definatly have told him to piss off....
Oh my

Anchell said...

I have a car
I have a car
I have a car

Jacqui said...

we know
we know
we know

Severina said...

The trouble with being out their in the public, is the public. Good luck.